K-drama 49 Days (AKA Pure Love) Review


Shin Ji Hyun is a carefree and innocent heiress in the middle of planning her dream wedding when an accident puts her in a coma. She is informed that it wasn’t her time to die, but she was simply at the wrong place in the wrong time.  In order for her to wake up, she must find three people (non-relatives) who would be willing to cry genuine tears for her. She is given 49 days to complete the task before her soul is permanently separated from her body.  In her search for her three genuine tears, she borrows the body of Song Yi Kyung, a young woman who is completely unhappy with life.


Lee Yo Won (Song Yi Kyung)

I think she did a good job acting in this drama. You can clearly tell when she’s Song Yi Kyung or Shin Ji Hyun in Yi Kyung’s body. She’s much brighter and happier when she’s Ji Hyun. I didn’t like her at first because I found her character too emo and depressing, but as the story progressed, she grew on me. I like the fact that she didn’t try to be overly cute like some girls in most K-dramas. And I really like that she wasn’t stupid. For some reason, girls in K-dramas are usually depicted as stupid and clumsy, but Yi Kyung wasn’t like that.

Nam Gyuri (Shin Ji Hyun)

Honestly, I wan’t a big fan of her in this series. I thought her acting was terrible and that she looked too plastic.  As in literally “plastic”, like a doll – probably the effect of too much plastic surgery.  It’s probably partly due to that why her expressions seem so fake when she acts.  I don’t really know how to explain it – there’s just something really unnatural about her.  But there’s no denying that she’s pretty though.

I didn’t really like her character either. She’s shown as this innocent and naive rich girl.  At the very start of the show she’s seen crying and whining about being late for her engagement party while her friends had to calm her down and think of solutions on how to get there on time. I suppose the writers intended for her to be a loveable character, but she really irritated me. However, it might just be the way the actress portrayed her, because I did like Ji Hyun when she was in Yi Kyung’s body.

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