(EZRA) 2/52 : Great anger is more destructive than the sword


Kurt is entering a commercial contest for the upcoming Sakura Con 2013, and he asked some of his friends to help him out, including Ezra and me. We spent one entire Sunday shooting during his visit here.  This was Ezra’s costume for the shoot. I took a few pictures of her while we were waiting for our turn to be filmed, and we ended up liking this one so we decided to upload it. I know that Ezra recently had a shot using this same sword just a few weeks ago, but we figured it would be shame not to post this just because of that.

Kurt has won the commercial contest for the past two years, so we’re hoping that he’ll win again this year.  Wish us luck!

(EZRA) 50/52 : Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.

Our attempt at high-key photography.   We’re obviously still having a lot of fun with my strobes 😀  Aimed one strobe at the wall behind her, and I bounced a second strobe off the ceiling.  We also placed a reflector on her lap so her face wouldn’t be too shadowy.

I love how this turned out.  She looks so angelic in this shot, totally different from her true personality, mwahaha.  Peace Ezra XD

(Title came from a quote by Hans Christian Andersen)

(EZRA) 49/52 : It’s the season to be jolly

Ezra’s Christmas portrait.  We shot this early December on the first day we had our Christmas tree up, but we keep forgetting to upload it.  This was back when I had just bought my flash and we were experimenting with it.  I put one strobe behind her and aimed it at the tree to light it up a bit, then another one above her, which we bounced off the ceiling.  We also but a reflector on her lap to bring some light to her face 🙂

(EZRA) 48/52 : Some of the greatest things in life are unseen; that’s why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry or dream.

We were trying to do a low key shoot here, but I placed her too close to the wall (which was blue), so it didn’t end up black.  In the end we decided we liked it anyway, so I added another flash behind her and aimed it at the wall for that glowing effect 🙂

Week 30/52 : Deep in my shallow dreams

It’s been raining nonstop the whole day. Classes have been suspended and most offices are closed. Manila is flooded once again. Authorities managed to evacuate some citizens in time but from what I hear on the news there are still a lot of stranded people. I’m lucky to be living in an area that’s not affected easily by floods, but a lot of people aren’t so fortunate. So far it doesn’t seem to be as bad as the Ondoy situation back in 2009 but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way. We’re all just praying that the rain will stop soon.

Anyway I shot this this morning. It’s obviously inspired by the current situation we’re in at the moment. The water and the rain are Photoshopped (this was shot inside my room) but my “wet look” is not. I actually stood under the shower (with my clothes on) before I took this picture to make it more realistic. Unfortunately I think I might have caught a cold from doing that because I didn’t hop right back in the shower immediately afterwards. I’m loading up on Vitamin C right now and hoping that this will help me feel better. I’d feel pretty stupid if I ended up sick because of one picture while other people are out there right now battling Mother Nature.

Title came from Owl City’s song called “How I Became the Sea”.  Water and cloud brushes are from http://www.ObsidianDawn.com.

Week 13/52 : May the odds be ever in your favor

Shot this weeks ago but forgot to post it here on my blog.  This was taken the week that The Hunger Games movie was released.  Ckloy and I went and saw it that weekend and we loved it.  So for my self portrait that week I decided to be a Capitol citizen. What do you think? Would I fit in with the rest of them? I wish I had a pink or purple wig, it would have been more convincing, but the only ones I own are brown, black and white. Brown and black are boring and so un-Capitol so I went with the white.

I had fun playing around with my makeup for this shot. I normally don’t wear makeup when I shoot my SPs (everything is done on Photoshop) but I decided to experiment this time 😀


Ckloy said I look so mataray here XD