After years of hard work and several months of dreaming and praying for it, Amie and I finally earned our Masters degree and are graduating!  I can’t even express how much this means to both of us.  There were times when I felt like giving up, but we made it 😀 Some students have second thoughts about attending their graduation (it’s hot, you have to buy a dress, etc) but Amie and I promised ourselves that after everything we’ve been through, we owe it to ourselves to take part in the ceremony and honor our achievements.  Besides, we were curious to see how the graduation ceremony in UPD is different from the one in UPLB.

We had two options to choose from, the university graduation or the college graduation.  (We can actually choose to attend both but we figured one was enough.)  We chose to attend the college graduation because we felt that it was a more intimate event, with only CS graduates attending.  It was held last Saturday (April 21, 2012) at the National Science Complex Amphitheater.  We were informed that we had to be there by 4pm to give us enough time to assemble and prepare before the graduation march.  We planned to leave LB at noon so Amie and Hahriz (who earned her degree last semester and would also be marching with us) arrived at our house at around 11am to get ready.  However, due to all the confusion and last minute things we had to take care of, we ended up leaving over an hour behind schedule.

The graduates in our white dresses.  My grandma had to make a lot of modifications on my dress because they didn’t have it in my size at the store so I had to buy a larger size.   Thankfully she was able to fix it. I also asked her to make me a sash to go with it to give it some shape .  (UPD guidelines actually stated that our dresses needed to have sleeves and should fall below the knees.  Unfortunately the released the memo a bit too late  and I had already bought my dress weeks before.  Oh well~)

We left our house a little after 1pm and headed off to UPD.  The 7 of us (8 – with the driver included) fit snugly in my dad’s car.  I normally sleep during long rides but I was too excited.

I tried to keep my makeup light that day because I knew it would just end up melting under the hot sun.  I basically just did my everyday makeup (BB cream, eyeliner and eyebrow powder) but added some neutral eyeshadows and blush.

We predicted heavy traffic since it was a Saturday, but we didn’t encounter any and we ended up arriving at 2:30 PM –  one and  1/2 hours before the event!   We were supposed to assemble at the CSRC building, but it was pretty hot there and there was no place to sit so we decided to hang out at the Math building instead.  Like always, we passed the time taking pictures:

The graduates again.  With our sablay this time

With my family

Ckloy and my dad took most of the photos that day. Ezra wanted to take pictures too but Ckloy kept hiding the camera from her:

This is her “Ckloy give me that camera” look

“Seriously, give it to me”

“I mean it!”


They played tug of war with the camera for a while but Ckloy wouldn’t budge so Ezra eventually gave up

Raffy, who promised to attend my graduation, called at this time to ask for directions on how to get to the amphitheater.

After sitting around there for a while, a lady came up to us and informed us that we can wait inside on the 2nd floor and that they were serving snacks there.  We’re still not sure if those snacks were for all graduates or just for the Math people (since we were at the Math building) but we were so hungry we didn’t even bother to check and grabbed what we can.

Nomnoming on some mini hot dogs

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