Week 21/52 : Morning musings

I’m so behind on this project – gah! I promise I’ll catch up!

This was taken about two weeks ago when our family went to Stilts in Calatagan (Batangas) for my dad’s birthday. The place was beautiful and we enjoyed our 3-day stay there. My parents got us a cottage on the water, which gave us a great view of the beach. In our spare time we liked to just sit outside and enjoy the breeze while admiring the scenery. My mom helped me take this photo one morning during one of our relaxed moments. I was still wearing my PJs so I just threw on a hat and a cardigan to dress it up a little.

Thanks Ma for the photo!

Week 20/52 : When in doubt wear red

My mom took this photo of me during our stay at Estrella in Laiya. It’s the last out of four self portraits I managed to squeeze in that weekend. I thought I would finally be able to catch up after this, but life and responsibilities caught up with me.

While we were packing for the trip I saw that my mom had this red hat at home. I convinced her to bring it so I could pair it with my red dress. I wanted some nice portraits with the sunny shore and blue water behind me, unfortunately we fell asleep and woke up just before sunset. Then, when we got to the beach we discovered that it was low tide, so the water was gone (well, way off in the distance). In the end we still pushed through with the photos and I still ended up liking them, despite the fact that they didn’t come out the way I expected them to.

(Quote in title is by Bill Blass)

Week 18/52 : See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me~

This photo was from my first beach trip this year. I have my mom to thank once again for this shot, and my parents to thank for the vacation. I tagged along on their wedding anniversary celebration and grabbed the chance to take lots of photos. I asked my mom to take a few pictures of me playing in the water. I felt a little awkward at first becauses there were lots of people at the beach (there was some sort of team building event happening), but the sun and the water felt so good that I ended up not caring after a while.

Week 17/52 : Weekend please stay

This was another shot my mom took of me during our short stay at Estrella de Mendoza in Laiya. This one was obviously taken next to the pool 🙂 We arrived around noon on a Friday so there weren’t a lot of people yet. When the weekend came the place was packed and there was no way I would have been able to get a shot like this without having to clone out at least 20 people in the background.

Week 16/52 : Estrella

This was taken about two weeks ago during my parent’s wedding anniversary. To celebrate we booked a room at Estrella de Mendoza in Laiya. The place was really pretty so I grabbed the chance to shoot several self portraits while we were there. Thanks so much to my mom for being my photographer. I only brought my 50mm lens so I know she had a hard time getting the focus right, but in the end I’m quite happy with the shots she took of me. This was taken right next to the showers by the pool, can you believe it :p I thought the plants were really nice so I asked my mom to take a photo of me there.

Week 15/52 : Don’t annoy the crazy person

A quick photo I took a couple weeks ago which I once again never got around to editing. I only ended up opening Photoshop again because the electricity went out at our house, which meant no internet for me – AKA no distractions. Fortunately my laptop was fully charged.

I love the pop of colors in this photo. I normally work with muted tones in my self portraits, but I thought the bright colors were really fun in this one.

Week 14/52 : We build too many walls and not enough bridges

This was another shot taken during our office workshop at Camp Benjamin. Dustin took this photo of me on our way to see the farm at the resort. We had to cross this pretty bridge to get there so we figured we might as well pose for a few pictures. I felt really awkward posing here because there were about 10 of us at the time and they were all watching me (because they were waiting for me to finish so they could cross the bridge :p)

(Quote in title is by Sir Isaac Newton)