Week 52/52 : If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you

Ta-dah! Another 52-week project finished. Just in time too! Although I sort of cheated. I shot and edited this photo way back in October but I never got the chance to post it. Finally I decided that I would make it my final upload for 2015 since it seemed fitting. So much happened this past year! I look back at the start of 2015 and I can’t believe how much my life changed in a year. Some changes were bad, but most of them were good. I hope that 2016 will bring about many more awesome changes that will give me the chance to grow as an individual.

Butterflies are from here:

Week 51/52 : Never forget

I’m currently in Thailand for the holidays and my family went to an elephant park yesterday. The last time I rode an elephant was probably in 1996 (or 1997), when my grandpa visited us in Myanmar. I forgot how bumpy it was XD

I debated on whether to include this in my 52-week project or not, but since there are only 3 days left in 2015 and I’ve still got 2 shots to go, I figured as might as well.

Week 50/52 : Holiday bouquet

I shot this with the intention of making it my Christmas SP, but in the end I decided it didn’t look Christmassy enough, so I took some pictures with our tree and used that instead. But since I already invested time editing this, I figured I might as well include it in my project.

I made the “bouquet” by harvesting some of our Christmas decorations around the house. I made sure to put them all back in their proper place before my mom noticed they were missing XD

Week 48/52 : Chasing clouds

Another conceptual self portrait, yay~ I really missed doing these.

This was inspired by the thunderstorm we had last week. We pretty much had continuous rain everyday. It got so bad that the roads flooded, causing severe traffic where I live. I tried to defy Mother Nature last Saturday by trying to get to SM Calamba despite the heavy rain. As a result I almost got stranded due to all the flooding. I spent over an hour trying, and managed to cross three flooded areas before I gave up and decided to head back home. Of course that meant I had to pass through the floods I crossed earlier, and this time they were much deeper because the rain wouldn’t stop. I had to park on the side of the road and wait for a while because I knew my car wouldn’t make it through one of the areas. Fortunately traffic aids appeared after some time and started directing us to alternate routes, which meant that I was able to avoid two flooded areas and made it back home safely. Phew~ Lesson learned Mother Nature.

At least one good thing came out of my experience. It gave me the inspiration for this photo. Initially I wanted to do something related to rain, but I saw my white wig and the cloud idea came to me so I decided to shoot that instead 🙂

Week 47/52 : Paper doll

It’s been a while since my last conceptual self portrait, so I figured it’s about time I shot one of those. I love conceptual photography, unfortunately I’ve been a little short on ideas lately. I was browsing the net this morning trying to come up with something and this paper doll idea suddenly hit me. Shooting this was extremely easy, but making the doll clothes was a lot harder. I had to draw the clothes in Photoshop, print them, shoot them, and place them on top of a photo of me. But it’s all worth it because I love the final image 😀

I’ve still got 5 self portraits to go before I complete this year’s project. Our Christmas break officially begun last Friday, so hopefully I’ll have plenty of time to shoot this week.