INSTABITS : March 2017

Hallu everyone! We’ve entered the second quarter of 2017, where did the weeks go? Anyway, it’s time for my monthly Instagram dump. I’m proud to say that I’m posting this earlier than usual 🙂

On the first day of March, I received a text from Dustin telling me to wear black to the office #ootdbeshies

We were craving Greek salad so we decided to get some takeout from Chubby Habbi’s

Amie, Dustin and I went to SM San Pablo to watch a movie and discovered that The Face Shop was having a 5+5 sale on face masks. Of course Amie and I took advantage of it.

Ma’am Ivy invited us to their house for dinner one evening. Her husband is a great cook and they prepared spaghetti aux crevettes and boeuf bourguignon for us. So so so yummy! Thanks Ma’am Ivy and Sir Junjun!

For International Women’s Day one of my students gave me this balloon  😙🎈🎉 Thank you!!

Some colleagues and I went to Malaysia for a conference last month (blog entry HERE). Dustin took this photo of me at NAIA. We had to leave our house at 2am so most of us had less than an hour of sleep.

This was the view from our Airbnb in Penang ❤

On our first night there we had dinner at the food court in Queensbay Mall. It was called Queen’s Hall.

The next day we somehow all found ourselves wearing black. This time it wasn’t planned.

We rented bikes to explore Georgetown. Of course I chose a pink one :p

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INSTABITS : February 2017

The month of hearts ❤ It was indeed full of love because Ezra and Kurt visited us and finally had their Philippine wedding this month 😀

Ezra arrived first on February 1 and immediately showered me with kisses. She went with me to the office so she wouldn’t succumb to jetlag and end up sleeping the whole day.

She brought all these games for me, yaaaay~ I’ve already finished Until Dawn (which she had to force me to play because I was too scared), Life is Strange and Project Diva X. I’m thinking of starting Akiba’s Trip sometime soon.

Ezra’s first request when she arrived was for me to take her to Seoul Kitchen because she missed their cheese rappoki so much

It’s been over a year since we went on a family vacation with Ezra so my parents booked a short Asian cruise while she was here (watch the vlog HERE). We arrived in Singapore a day earlier (where we would be boarding the ship) so we could explore the Gardens by the Bay 🙂

There were so many colorful plants there!

We had tickets to enter one of the two domes in the park. We had a hard time deciding which one to go to but in the end we chose the cloud forest which was breathtaking.

In Malaysia we saw that McDonalds had lychee ice cream, so of course we had to try it.  Two thumbs up!

Family portrait during formal night of our cruise. The Filipino staff on the ship kept coming up to talk to us because seeing my dad’s barong made them homesick.

Garcia sisters in black and white. (Del Rosario na nga pala si Ez …) The dress that Ezra’s wearing is actually the same one she wore when she got married last year. She was happy to have a chance to finally wear it again.

One of our ports was Penang. We joined a tour which took us to the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Our guide also took us to Lim Wah Thai to go souvenir shopping. Here I am chillaxing with the Lim Wah Thai bears

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INSTABITS : January 2017

(I know this is extremely late since it’s almost the 2nd week of March, but my February was pretty packed so I didn’t have time to finish this entry.)

My first post for 2017 was this family photo we took in Bangkok’s Art in Paradise museum. We had a lot of fun taking photos during our visit there, which I’ll probably share on my blog sometime in the (not-so-near) future.

My mom took this shot of me at the new Central World overpass in Bangkok

Even though I still had some sidequests to complete, I decided to finish Final Fantasy 15 just before we had to go back to work. The ending was … ok I guess.

I got to try my first CBTL drink this year. I forgot what I ordered but I remember liking it.

One exciting thing that happened to me in January was the Color Manila Run. Dustin convinced me to sign up for the 10k and I’m proud to say I survived.

Of course we took loads of photos during the event

So kulayful!

I ordered three new liquid lipsticks from Colourpop and they arrived last January. This one’s Bumble. I like the color but I’m not a fan of the matte formula – it’s too drying on my lips.

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INSTABITS : December 2016

HAPPY 2017 everyone! Here’s my final Instagram dump for 2016. As promised, this entry consists of more people and less food. (But that doesn’t mean I ate less last month – in fact I pigged out quite a bit over the holidays)

Warning : December was packed with activities so this entry is pretty long

As you may know, I’m a HUGE Final Fantasy fan (this blog’s URL should be a giveaway – it’s the name of Selphie’s final weapon in FF8), so I was pretty excited when FF15 came out. I asked Brinks to get me a copy and I spent the first weekend of December holed up in my room exploring Eos with Noctis and the gang. (In fact, most of December’s free time went into this game.)

December marked the end of the first semester, which meant lots of work for us teachers. Dustin and I rewarded ourselves with pizza and milk tea after an entire day of checking.

Since I had some free time, I decided I would bake a few things for upcoming Christmas parties. Dustin came over to help out so of course we ended up baking matcha goodies.

We made white chocolate chip matcha cookies for the first time and surprisingly they turned out alright. I would have preferred them sweeter, but  the people who ate them thought they were fine the way they were.

Dustin, Jason and I went to SM Calamba one evening and had dessert at Krispy Kreme! We tried their holiday donuts. They were good but I still prefer the original glazed.

After two months in Japan, Amie’s back, yaaaaay~

My parents love having my friends over so, just like last year, they threw a Christmas party for them.

My mom and I bought these antler headbands to get us all in a festive mood during the party. Nine of us for the nine reindeer in the song – Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph 😀

(I started using Boomerang last month :p)

Of course we had a gift exchange during the party 😀 Thanks everyone!

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INSTABITS : November 2016

Is it just me or did the second half of 2016 disappear in the blink of an eye? My December has been pretty packed so this has been sitting in my drafts for the past two weeks. Now that my semester is truly over I have a bit of time to edit it.

On the first day of November I had an impromptu movie date with Jason and Dustin. We watched Dr. Strange at SM San Pablo then had a late lunch at Si Christina

We ordered their platter which was pretty good. And of course we had to have some of their famous frozen sansrival brazo de mercedes (no picture because we were too excited to try it).

I was craving soba again so I asked Ma’am Ivy, Ma’am Ianne, Sir Taps and Dustin to have lunch at Centtro

A few days later my mom started craving pizza so we found ourselves having dinner at Yellow Cab Pizza. We also ordered their Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta which I love (ever since Dustin introduced it to me on my birthday earlier this year)

I wanted something sweet after dinner so I ordered their dark chocolate ice cream

I had lunch with Camille and Dustin at Camille’s favorite place to eat – Army Navy. Although lately her love for this place has slowly faded.

Sir Taps, Dustin and I went to Bon Appetea one evening for some milk tea ❤

We were planning on playing badminton that evening but we got lazy and decided to just go out for dinner instead

I love the pastel colors in this place

I tried to burn off all the calories I’ve been eating by going on an afternoon jog with Dustin

I also tried to eat healthier. I ordered a healthy lunch at Bonitos but I ended up eating quite a bit of Dustin’s ravioli lasagna anyway

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INSTABITS : October 2016

Hello November! I can’t believe we’ve only got 7 weeks left until the end of the year. October was another eventful month, packed with activities so once again this entry’s pretty long.

I found some China Glaze nail polish at ATC. These normally cost around 350-400 PHP but they were on sale for 99PHP so I instantly grabbed four of them. I also picked up a Wet n Wild matte top coat which I’ve been loving.

(Grabbed this from Dustin’s Twitter account) This was taken last month, the night before my birthday. I was craving pizza so I made Dustin rush over to LB from San Pablo at 9 in the evening so we could grab some Yellowcab at Calamba with Amie 😄

National Teacher’s Day was on October 5. I was pleasantly surprised to find this cute paper tulip on my desk from Ella ❤

Camille and I had lunch one day at Seoul Kitchen. I ordered my usual cheese rappoki (which we shared) and chicken mayo.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier to lose some of the weight I put on during our cruise last July (and September), but ice cream has always been my weakness T__T

Earlier this month, Amie left for Hokkaido to attend a 2-month internship program. We had a despedida lunch at Bonitos with Rona and Jason. (Jason left before we remembered to take selfies XD)

Mochi celebrated his first birthday this month. (I can’t remember the exact day but I know it’s around October 10). He’s gotten so big and so fat over this past year. I tried to give him a banana for his birthday treat but he only knows how to eat kang kong.

Animax Carnival was held on October 15-16 and Marco invited me to go with him. It’s been over two years since I attended a cosplay event here in the Philippines so I’m glad I was able to go again. I was even able to see Jin Joson give a talk on cosplay makeup.

Before her talk ended she told us selfies were welcome if we run into her during the event so of course I jumped at the opportunity as soon as she left the stage ❤

I spotted these egg waffles at SM MOA. They looked cute but once you finish the ice cream there wasn’t really anything special about them. (Looks great on Instagram though XD)

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INSTABITS : September 2016

October’s almost over so once again this entry is extremely late. This past month has been quite busy, but now I have a bit of free time to finally finish editing this.

This was taken late August when the girls and I checked in at the Crimson Hotel to celebrate Camille’s and my birthdays. You can watch our vlog HERE.

Camille invited Dustin and me to join LBDH’s fun run called #HugotTakbo. It was my first 5k run and I’m happy to report that I survived.

As a birthday gift, my parents signed us up for a short cruise around Japan and Taiwan (watch the vlog here). One of the places we went to was the Shuri Castle in Okinawa.

One of the things that made our trip much more fun was that Brinks was able to join us 😀

We signed up for tours but they were cancelled because there were only a few of us on the cruise who spoke English. The staff suggested that we join their Mandarin tour but we decided it would be better if we just explore the town ourselves. This turned out to be a blessing because we were able to spend as much time as we want shopping on Kokusai Street 🙂

Since this cruise was meant to celebrate my birthday, the Canaletto dining staff presented me with a cake for dinner. Brinks also got one too since she justified her expenses for this trip by convincing herself that it was a late birthday present for herself 😄

Our cruise also took us to Ishigaki where we once again shopped for local delicacies

On the last day of our cruise we joined the balloon drop party at the Piazza

Our cruise ended in Taiwan. Since our flight wasn’t until that evening we made arrangements with a tour company to show us around some famous locations. Here’s Brinky and me at Yehliu Geopark. It was beautiful but extremely hot!

We also dropped by the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall

Brinks and I ended up wearing the same colors that day. (No, we didn’t plan this)

This, on the other hand, was planned. Sir Taps texted us one evening and asked us to wear blue with white sneakers.

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