Week 32/52 : You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down

About a month ago I went on another cruise for my birthday. I had a great time because this time Brinks was able to come with us. It’s always great having a friend around to share great experiences with. The ship used for our cruise was actually the same one we were on during our Alaskan cruise in 2014 – the Golden Princess. It was great to be back and to see some familiar faces.

Although our trip was very short, Brinks and I made sure to document everything, which means we took loads of photos and videos. This shot was one of the many that Brinks took for me on the ship. I can’t decide if my pose looks awkward or relaxed, but I like the angle the photo was taken from so I decided to use it in my 52-week project anyway ūüôā

(Quote from the title is by Charlie Chaplin)

INSTABITS : April 2016

Ola! A third of 2016 is already over! We’re now entering May, and it’s a big month for me. May 2015 came with some unexpected life changes, and¬†I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Anyway, April was a pretty eventful month. As I mentioned in my last Instabits entry¬†it was a little rough for our family, having to deal with the loss of a loved one. But thankfully we did have our share of good memories too.

Ninang had to return to California last month so we went to SM Marikina to have lunch with her and Raffy before her flight. We ate at Seafood Island, which is popular for their boodle fights.

After our meal at Seafood Island, we¬†went to Gong Cha to try their famous Milk Wintermelon Tea. The milk tea addict in me is ashamed to admit that I’ve never tried Gong Cha before, despite its popularity.¬†It was pretty good¬†and I’m having a hard time deciding if I like Gong Cha or Dakasi better.

On our way home from Marikina we stopped by SM Calamba. I was tempted to drop¬†by Dakasi and order my usual Okinawa milk tea but I decided to stick with the day’s theme of trying something new so I opted for this Cake Milk Tea from Lemon Baby intsead. The guy at the counter told me it was their best seller.¬†The yellow thing is supposed to be “cake cream”¬†but it tasted suspiciously like butter. I could feel the calories with every sip, eek. The drink was alright, but I think I’m going to be sticking with Dakasi from now on.

I downloaded MSQRD last month and my officemates and I had fun playing around with the filters

One of my favorite past times at the office is spamming Amie’s phone with my selfies, mostly because the iPhone’s camera is 100 times better than my Sony Xperia Z’s. But I recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and it has an AWESOME camera, so I don’t have to keep stealing her phone to appease my vanity.

Sir Marvs, Sir Taps and I decided to try a new Korean restaurant last month. It was fun grilling the meat, but the food was mediocre. If I want good, authentic Korean food I would stick with Kimbap or Seoul Kitchen.

After our Korean bbq, we stopped by Moonleaf for some milk tea. Sir Taps decided to order the exact drink as me and told the girl at the counter that his name was Carmelo.

Ezra sent me this. She’s trying to convince me that my bunny is just a corgi in disguise. I say he’s more of a wolverine (photo proof : HERE). ¬†This picture of Mochi was taken when he was only about a month old, look how small and adorable he is XD

My parents and I watched Les Miserables last month. We were sitting in the theater waiting for the show to start when I turn to see that my mom is checking exams! That’s one dedicated teacher. Who brings exams to the theater???

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Week 14/52 : Who were you before people started telling you who you should be?

This is one of four wigs I ordered from eBay a couple of months ago. Back then I was undecided on whether I should cut my hair so I ordered some short wigs online to help me visualize possible hair styles. However, shipping took so long that I ended up cutting my hair anyway before the wigs arrived. (Not this short though, the last time I had hair this short was back in college more than a decade ago XD)

I wasn’t planning on shooting this day but I realized that I was falling behind on my 52-week project, so I threw together an outfit, put a wig on (I haven’t brushed my hair since morning) and found a spot with good lighting. I used my 50mm lens for this shot, which I have a love-hate relationship with. I love the bokeh it gives but it’s such a pain to get the focus right, especially when taking self portraits. Half of the shots I took this day were unusable because they were focused on the wall or the chair behind me. But I do love the final result, so I suppose it was worth it.

Quote in the title is by Belle Aurora from her book Raw.

INSTABITS : February 2016

March is almost over and I realized I haven’t finished editing this entry. Whoops. It’s been a busy month.

First post for February was this picture of Amie and me posing with some flowers that Ma’am Rose got for her NASC3 class.

Friday selfie ūüôā

Some officemates and I went to Sampaloc Lake one afternoon to go bike riding. We did this back in January too, but since we arrived late back then, we only had a few minutes to ride before the sun set. This time we went much earlier.

Dustin took this shot of me while we were enjoying the view of the lake

Of course we took lots of pictures around the lake ūüôā

Enjoying the cool breeze

I asked Jason to help me out with my 52-week project last month and he ended up taking my 5th self portrait for this year. This was another shot he took that night.

I grabbed this from Dustin’s IG. This was taken on the first day of the February Fair, which was also Sir Marvs’s birthday

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INSTABITS : January 2016

I finally found some free time to finish¬†this entry. My first INSTABITS post¬†for 2016 ūüôā

My first upload for the year were these selfies. Looking at them now kinda makes me miss my long hair

Since Ezra moved out, I figured¬†that I can move¬†the PS4 to my room. (I don’t know why it took so long for me to realize that.) Currently I’m playing Tomb Raider : Definitive Edition

I broke out after our Thailand trip (my skin always goes haywire when I travel) so Amie and I went to get facials at Flawless. This was what we looked right after – all red and swollen.

My officemates and I went biking around¬†Sampaloc Lake¬†one afternoon.¬†It’s been a while since I rode a bike so I was pretty excited.

Sunset at Sampaloc Lake – so pretty

After our bike ride, we walked around and enjoyed the lake breeze

Amie and I borrowed Ma’am Chrys’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to take selfies one afternoon. S6’s selfie camera is <3. Perfect skin every time even without filters! I also¬†love the wide angle lens. I’m seriously considering getting the S6 in the near future just to have this camera.

Instagrammables tambay. Strawberry slippers are ‚̧

Chops visited me one afternoon for a quick shoot. Afterwards we had milk tea at Bon Appetea

This was one of the shots he took of me

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