Nail art : Hearts and stars

IMG_1859 copysThis was what my nails looked like on Valentines Day this year.  I was too lazy to manually draw hearts so I went with these nail art stickers I found in Bangkok.  I can’t remember the exact price, but I’m guessing they were around 20 Baht each.  I bought a bunch of them from a vendor on the street the last time we were there. I really like these stickers, despite the fact that they’re totally a rip-off of the Comme De Garçons logo.

Nail art : Dotty red

IMG_0128sI was digging through my laptop the other day and I found a nail art folder where I have at least 10 pictures of different nail art designs which I forgot to post.  I’ll probably be posting them within the next few days (unless I forget again).

This was my nail art last New  Year’s Eve.  I tried to do my nails so that they would match MY DRESS. I think I did a pretty good job.  I put the glitters on because I thought it looked too plain by itself.


Nail Art : Purple Confetti


My nails a few months back.  I found the photos while I was organizing my files the other day.  I used Sally Hansen’s Rock Bottom as the base, and Sinful Colors’ Frenzy for the smaller glitters.  The bigger glitters were from Bobbie’s new Confetti polish.

I spotted these glitter polishes from Bobbie a while ago and I decided to try them out.  I think they come in 4 colors, but I decided to only get these two.  They cost twice as much as regular drugstore polishes, but they’re still very affordable at 60PHP.IMG_7243

I’ve tried both of them already and I think like the purple one more since it adds a bright pop of color to my nails.  I really enjoy how festive they make my nails look, but I don’t use them too often because they require a bit of work to apply (and remove).  The glitters are super chunky so it’s hard to get the right amount on your nails with just one swipe.  I had to resort to dabbing the nail polish on so I can get the glitter to transfer.  I also had to move the bigger pieces of glitter around using a toothpick so they would be distributed evenly on my nails. Since I had to use several coats to get the look I wanted, it took longer for my nails to dry. And, just like all other glitter polishes, this was a pain to remove.  Even with the soaked cotton ball + aluminum foil technique, it took me about 20 minutes to get all the glitter off. But despite all this, I do think they are super gorgeous, and I’d be willing to go through all of that occasionally for some sparkly nails.

Nail Art : Lacy Lilac

IMG_4809 copys

My nails from a few months back.  I realized that I have a bunch of nail art photos on my laptop that I haven’t posted.  I’ll probably be spamming you with photos of my nails these coming weeks.

I bought these stickers from Malaysia a few years ago.  I’m not sure what brand they are.  All I know is they were very affordable, so I ended up buying a lot.  For some reason I stashed them in a drawer as soon as I got home and forgot all about them.  I think I was trying to save them for a special occasion, because back then, nail art stickers were expensive.  Nowadays you can get them everywhere and for a really low price too.

For the base, I used a shimmery lilac polish from Etude House.  And I added the black dots using my Sassy Nail Art Pens.

I loved these stickers.  They look so classy, and they lasted pretty well.  I had them on for two weeks before they started to peel.

Nail Art : Pinoy Pride

IMG_4799 copys

In honor of the Philippines’s 116th Independence Day 🙂

Embarrassed as I am to admit it, I had to double check online to see how I should orient the flag.  I didn’t want to go around sporting a symbol of war on my nails.  I know that when the flag is hung horizontally, the blue should always be on top, but I wasn’t too sure about the rules for hanging it vertically.  A good tip I found online is to remember “R-R“, which stands for “Red = Right”.

This turned out a little messier than I wanted.  I used tape to make the lines straight, but for some reason they still came out a bit wonky.  I’m too lazy to redo them so I guess it will have to do.  Maybe I’ll have better luck next year 🙂

Nail art : Easter Eggs

IMG_8669 blog

Festive nails for the holiday 🙂  I had to ask my sister for help with this one because I can’t draw straight lines on my own nails, not even with a striper.  The last time I did something like this, I used scotch tape to guide me, but I didn’t want to go through all that this year.  Luckily my sister was bored and was more than willing to help.

IMG_8675 copyShe was especially crucial when it came to doing my left hand.  There’s no way I would have been able to do this without her help.  Thanks Ez! (I did the same designs for both hands, but I reshuffled them a bit )

Previous Easter nail art designs:

Nail Art : Glittery red tips

IMG_7666 copy

For this design I used these three nail polishes:


IMG_7911 copy

Chic’s Love Orchid, Sally Hansen’s Lady Luck (Gem Crush) and Wet and Wild’s The Gold and The Beautiful.

I applied two coats of Love Orchid before I started layering on Lady Luck, focusing on the tips.  It took about 4 or 5 coats of Lady Luck to get the opaque reddish-pink color.  Then I went over the entire nail with The Gold and The Beautiful.

IMG_7667 copy