Vlog : Back on the Golden Princess (Japan/Taiwan Cruise 2016)

In my 32nd self portrait this year I mentioned that I recently went on a short cruise around Japan and Taiwan for my birthday. It was an extremely short vacation but I had a wonderful time, especially since Brinks was able to join us😀

Unlike my previous cruises, I won’t be making a summary blog entry of my experience since it was just a few days. Also, our cruise was on the Golden Princess and I already wrote an entry about my experience on this ship two years ago. All I’m going to say is the staff is still awesome and everyone made sure we had a incredible time. It was also great to see some familiar faces, especially Nathan – the Filipino head waiter we became friends with on our Diamond Princess cruise last year.

I will be making individual entries about each day of our cruise, but that probably won’t be up until next year since I still have about 15 entries waiting to published on this site. In the meantime, here’s a quick vlog I made of our entire trip.

Once again, thank you Princess Cruises for an amazing experience🙂

Week 34/52 : Times like this don’t always come along

This is the second photo in my 52-week project this year that was shot with my phone (the first was my Week 31/52. The S7’s pro mode is actually pretty decent and I’m quite pleased I decided to go with this phone despite my annoyance with Samsung a few years ago.

Camille helped me take this photo back in August, when we checked in at the Crimson Hotel for our birthday celebration. I didn’t take that many photos that day but we did take lots of videos. I compiled them into a vlog, which you can WATCH HERE. (This week’s title came from a line in the song “Me and My Girls” by 5th Harmony, which is the song I used in the vlog.)

Vlog : Birthday weekend with the girls

This is a video I made from when the girls and I checked in at the Crimson Hotel in Alabang for Camille’s and my birthdays. Our birthdays are only two weeks apart so we figured it would be nice to meet halfway and celebrate them together. We mainly just hung out at the hotel, played board games and updated each other on our daily lives. We also went for a quick dip in the hotel’s pool the following day.

Warning : lots of craziness happiness in this video. I promise we weren’t drunk :p

Goodies from Japan/Taiwan

Last month we went on a short cruise around Japan and Taiwan. We signed up for some tours/shore excursions but unfortunately they were cancelled so we ended up having to explore places ourselves. This actually turned out to be a blessing because we still ended up seeing the places we wanted to visit, and we enjoyed having control of our time. Plus, we used the money we saved from the cancelled tours (roughly 160 USD per person) to go shopping.

As usual, I decided to share some of the goodies I bought here on my blog. Unlike last year’s haul, most of these are food items so they’re gone now. I’d like to say we gave most away as pasalubong, but majority of them found their way into our tummies. Please note that not all of these are mine. Some are stuff my parents bought (but I ate them anyway XD)


First we have these spicy shrimp rice crackers. We’ve already finished one box and we’re trying to save the other one because they’re so good.img_8889

Pretzel sticks. I love the brown sugar one on the upper left


Okinawa seems to love purple yam. I’m not sure if it’s the same as our ube, but they look pretty similar. Most of these are pasalubong so I’m not sure if they taste the same.


Matcha goodies! You guys know I love Matcha. The Oreos are my favorite.


Brinks went crazy over these Calbee chips while we were there. I’ve never tried them before but she told me there were good so I bought different flavors. I liked them, my favorite is the sweet potato one.

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Week 32/52 : You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down

About a month ago I went on another cruise for my birthday. I had a great time because this time Brinks was able to come with us. It’s always great having a friend around to share great experiences with. The ship used for our cruise was actually the same one we were on during our Alaskan cruise in 2014 – the Golden Princess. It was great to be back and to see some familiar faces.

Although our trip was very short, Brinks and I made sure to document everything, which means we took loads of photos and videos. This shot was one of the many that Brinks took for me on the ship. I can’t decide if my pose looks awkward or relaxed, but I like the angle the photo was taken from so I decided to use it in my 52-week project anyway🙂

(Quote from the title is by Charlie Chaplin)

Week 31/52 : Take more pictures – Storage is unlimited, memories are fleeting and life is short

This was from our cruise last July. My mom helped me take this during our second visit to Mykonos. I swear, that place is so picture perfect. I probably could have completed all 52 of my self portraits this year just in Mykonos. This was a random photo printing place we found while walking around, look how adorable it is! I’m guessing that shop owners in Mykonos are used to tourists just standing in front of their establishments to take photos. Everything is just so beautiful there.

I’m not sure who said that quote I used in my title this week, but I thought it was perfect for this photo, especially since I’m sitting in front of a shop that sells cameras and prints photos😀