Nail art : Hearts and stars

IMG_1859 copysThis was what my nails looked like on Valentines Day this year.  I was too lazy to manually draw hearts so I went with these nail art stickers I found in Bangkok.  I can’t remember the exact price, but I’m guessing they were around 20 Baht each.  I bought a bunch of them from a vendor on the street the last time we were there. I really like these stickers, despite the fact that they’re totally a rip-off of the Comme De Garçons logo.

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Nail art : Dotty red

IMG_0128sI was digging through my laptop the other day and I found a nail art folder where I have at least 10 pictures of different nail art designs which I forgot to post.  I’ll probably be posting them within the next few days (unless I forget again).

This was my nail art last New  Year’s Eve.  I tried to do my nails so that they would match MY DRESS. I think I did a pretty good job.  I put the glitters on because I thought it looked too plain by itself.


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Thailand 2014 : Siam Ocean World

As usual, this entry is going up pretty late.  These pictures were taken when our family went to Bangkok for the holidays last December.  Just like in 2013, we chose to fly on Christmas Day because plane tickets are cheaper for some reason.


This time Amie came with us, yaaaaay!

We spotted these pretty flowers at the airport and stopped to take pictures

Our parents booked the same hotel we stayed at last year

It was Christmas day, so of course there was a huge tree in the hotel lobby


View from our room

IMG_9069a (3)

The next day we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the buffet room.  We walked around a bit after eating, and stopped by the koi pond to see the fish

IMG_9069a (4)

We also took some pictures by the pool area
IMG_9069a (5)


Afterwards, we went to Siam Paragon to explore Ocean World since we weren’t able to do that last year

First we said hi to the Harrods bears


Then we headed to the aquarium entranceIMG_9115 (1)

They were having some sort of penguin exhibit that day

IMG_9117a (3)

IMG_9117a (1)

Ezra found Nemo!

The exhibits outside the aquarium were the same as last year’s, but they were covered in snow this year

IMG_9117a (14)


Amie was bitten by a fish

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Week 21/52 : Life doesn’t come with a remote, you have to get up and change it yourself

I came across this quote on Instagram a while ago, and I really liked it so I decided that I needed to make a self portrait for it. My initial plan was to make a miniature version of me trying to change channels using a giant remote control, but that didn’t work out too well. In the end I decided to do something simpler.

I still have a couple of pictures left from my Japan trip which I plan on including in this project, but I missed doing conceptual portraits, so I decided to squeeze one in today.

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VLOG : Siam Ocean World

Our family went to Siam Ocean World last December, and Ezra and I were able to take some footage while we were there. I finally found some free time to look through them and edit this vlog.

Our favorite part was seeing the sharks being fed, I never knew they could be that affectionate.

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Week 20/52 : Bloom

This was taken at a small garden we found in Nagasaki during our tour last month. We were walking to see the Peace Monument when we spotted all the pretty flowers so we stopped for a bit to take some pictures.

My hair is ultra frizzy here and my curls have gone limp because it was raining that day :( It got so bad that I was forced to wear it up later that day. But I still do like this photo, so I figured I’d include it in my 52-week project since I’m still trying to catch up.

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Week 19/52 : Don’t ruin a good day because of a bad yesterday

This was taken during our trip to Japan last month. Our cruise ship organized a session one afternoon where the guests can try wearing these lovely kimonos. There were only 13 of them available so we were really lucky to have gotten one.

I like the quote I chose this week. It probably seems like it has nothing to do with this photo, but I think it applies really well to my situation. A few days before our trip, I went through something devastating. I expected to spend our entire trip moping around feeling horrible, but I decided that I would take it as a blessing instead. I decided to use the trip to forget my problems and use all the wonderful, new experiences I have to replace the sad ones. By the time we got back, I felt like a new person – ready to face reality again. I wasn’t completely healed, but it was a good start :)

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