Week 26/52 : I’ll be your daydream, I’ll be your favorite things

We could be beautiful
Get drunk on the good life,
I’ll take you to paradise
Say you’ll never let me go

-Roses, The Chainsmokers

I’ve never really paid attention to the lyrics of this song until today. Now that I know what they are, I can relate to them and I like it even more. I especially love the first verse.

I took this photo right after Gilbert and Iyah’s wedding last month. I was a bridesmaid/secondary sponsor and this was my dress. Iyah¬†gave us infinity dresses and the freedom to decide how we want to wear them. I went with the simplest style because I felt that it looked best on me. The dresses were really long (they were designed that way) and it made it quite hard for me to walk, but I love how it gave the illusion that I’m much taller than my actual heightūüėĄ

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Week 25/52 : Little ducky

Last Wednesday was a holiday so Sir Taps, Dustin and I went to Nuvali to unwind. We walked around, took photos, shopped and ate. I used this opportunity to buy some white sneakers that Dustin recommended. I haven’t owned a pair of white sneakers since college and I thought it was about time I get new ones. Dustin also took us to Detoxify Bar which served organic, healthy meals and shakes. It was really nice in the cafe and they had great lighting so we snapped a few photos. I really like this one that Dustin took of me so I decided to use it in my 52-week project.

Oh, I got a haircut the other week in case you didn’t notice. I got bored with my hair and I figured it will grow back anyway so I decided to go short. It’s been a while since I had hair this short so I’m still getting used to it. I haven’t figured out how to style it properly so mostly I’ve been keeping it tied up.

INSTABITS : June 2016

Hello July! It’s rainy season now in the Philippines, but some days still feel like summer because it’s so hot.

I had lunch at Seoul Kitchen with some colleagues last month. I ordered the pork kalbi steak, which is still as good as the first time I had it.

Since classes and exams are over, my friends and I celebrated by going to Laiya. With Moy in Australia, I’ve been promoted as¬†barkada driver. I’m not used to driving long distances so this was a big¬†milestone for meūüėÄ

We tried looking for a new resort to visit but we somehow still ended up at Virgin Beach Resort.¬†We really like this place because it’s¬†beautiful and not too crowded.

Beach essentials:) The lifesaver belongs to Aprille and I borrowed the hat from my mom.

Ahh summer~

It rained while we were at the beach but this beautiful rainbow appeared and made everything better:)

The wigs I ordered from eBay arrived¬†last month. I can’t wait to use them for my self portraits.

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Week 23/52 : Relax. Refresh. Revive

Here’s another shot taken last month during my Laiya trip with Brinks and Aprille. Once again, this photo was taken by Aprille. I edited it as soon as we got back but I keep forgetting to post it.

This was taken on (in?) the daybed we rented while we were there. They had these lovely breezy, white curtains that looked really nice in photos:)

Anime Expo 2015

Ezra informed me a few days ago¬†that Anime Expo 2016 is this¬†weekend, which reminded me that I haven’t gotten around to posting our pictures and vlog from Anime Expo 2015, eek.

When Kurt heard that we would be visiting last summer, he immediately bought us tickets to Anime Expo 2015. This was only my second cosplay event in the US. The first one was Fanime (read blog entry HERE) which was a lot of fun, but I probably wouldn’t do it again because it was too expensive and we spent SIX HOURS¬†waiting in line just to register. Since Kurt bought our tickets for Anime Expo months ahead we got a big discount. He ordered¬†the 4-day pass, but Ezra and I were only able to go on the 2nd and 4th day. Kurt was able to go for all four days but Ezra and I were¬†in San Diego for the first day for a family event, and she wasn’t feeling well on the third day.

On the second day of Anime Expo, my cousin dropped Ezra and I off at the Los Angeles Convention Center where the event was being held.


The movie Minions was being promoted at the time and I saw this wall on our way over there


We met Kurt at the entrance and he took us to the registration booth. It took us about 5 minutes to register. Did you hear that Fanime? FIVE MINUTES! And it wasn’t just because we went on the second day so there were less people – we went on the 2nd day of Fanime too and it still took us 6 hours. (The people who went on Day 1 told us it took them 7 hours)



Check out that crowd! The venue was huge, but there were a lot of people who went so it still got pretty crowded.





Anime Expo 2015 was sponsored by Com2Us, which made me pretty happy because I was obsessed with Summoner’s War at the time.

One of my favorite things about Anime Expo were the cosplay sets. The organizers had a bunch of sets in one room where we were free to take videos/photos



They had all sort sort of sets, including a Japanese garden, bleachers, cherry blossoms, space ship, rooftop and a classroom. We weren’t able to go on all of them because some had really long lines. The photo above was actually taken on Day 4 – we went really early so we could have a better chance getting a turn.

We saw lots of cosplayers and photographers making use of the different sets:



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Japan Day 9 : Osaka Castle and Sumiyoshi Shrine

It’s been over a year since our Japanese cruise and I still haven’t finished blogging about it. But I’m finally down to my last entry.¬† Our final stop was Kobe, which was where we said goodbye¬†to the Diamond Princess. Our flight back to the Philippines wasn’t until that evening so we signed up for one last tour that day, one that would take us around Osaka


Here we are at the Princess Theater getting briefed for our tour before getting off the ship

At the port, we looked for our tour bus which would take us to Osaka.


We had two stops that day – Osaka Castle and the Sumiyoshi Shrine

On our way to Osaka I took a few photos from my window seat:





Our guide pointed out the NHK building, which is a broadcasting corporation in Japan. (Sort of like our GMA and ABS-CBN)

Soon we arrived at our first location – Osaka Castle

IMG_5533a (1)

That’s not the castle, but it is pretty. This is the moat around the castle (I think).


We saw this little fella swimming in the water

IMG_5533a (3)

Ezra and me. Again, that’s not the castle behind us


One of the many gates we had to pass through

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