Week 28/52 : Blush

I shot this around mid-July and I actually finished editing it before leaving for my cruise but once again I forgot to upload it. Now that I’m trying to catch up on 52-weeks, I can finally post it. Obviously I took loads of photos during my trip, and now I’m faced with the difficult task of trying to decide which one to include in my project.

I bought the hat with the intent of bringing it with me to Europe, but in the end I left it behind because my luggage was so full. Besides, I’m not really a hat person and I probably wouldn’t have worn it as much on my trip. It does look cute in photos though. My pink wig is from eBay of course.


I actually like this more, but some people pointed out that I have too many photos of me with this pose already, so I went with the other one

And here’s a happier version🙂

Week 27/52 : Mischief managed!

I posted this around mid-July on Flickr and FB, but I just realized that I forgot to share it here on my blog. My vacation forced me to take a mini hiatus from my 52-week project, but now I’m back and trying once again to catch up.

Brinks turned 31 last July. To help her celebrate her birthday, the girls and I decided to check in at the Blue Resort for some girly bonding time (blog post to follow). Naturally we took loads of photos. Brinky helped me take this one by the pool. Thanks kup!

My shirt says “Gryffindor Quidditch” (but my arms are covering some of the letters), hence the title.

INSTABITS : July 2016

July was an exciting month for me. It was perhaps one of the most memorable four weeks of my life. I attended a wedding, a birthday, a graduation party, ate lots of food and most importantly – went on a Mediterranean cruise. This month was packed with so many adventures so I should warn you that this is a photo-heavy post.

My dear friend Moy had her church wedding this month. She and Ige flew in from Australia to share this special moment with friends and family. Congrats guys!

Aprille handled the flowers and church styling so after the ceremony the girls and I stayed behind to help her disassemble the displays.

Fun with flowers😄


Camille took this picture of me pretending to be a bride. *Someday my prince will come* If you see him feel free to send him my way😄

Brinky’s youngest brother graduated college this year and we were all invited to his graduation party. We spent the evening pigging out and drinking salty margaritas (c/o Camille)😄

Sir Taps, Dustin and I went to Nuvali one afternoon to unwind and do some shopping

We grabbed some shakes at Detoxify Bar and Sir Taps took this photo of Dustin and me.

For dinner we had some ramen/udon at a Japanese restaurant in Calamba

It’s been years since I last owned a pair of white sneakers so Dustin helped me pick one out while we were in Nuvali. I absolutely love them! I wore them for the majority of July :D

I finally tried this mask I ordered from Althea. It’s supposed to be a peeling mask so I was initially disappointed when I didn’t notice any peeling, but I woke up with glowing, moisturized skin the following morning and now I’m a huge fan.

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Week 26/52 : I’ll be your daydream, I’ll be your favorite things

We could be beautiful
Get drunk on the good life,
I’ll take you to paradise
Say you’ll never let me go

-Roses, The Chainsmokers

I’ve never really paid attention to the lyrics of this song until today. Now that I know what they are, I can relate to them and I like it even more. I especially love the first verse.

I took this photo right after Gilbert and Iyah’s wedding last month. I was a bridesmaid/secondary sponsor and this was my dress. Iyah gave us infinity dresses and the freedom to decide how we want to wear them. I went with the simplest style because I felt that it looked best on me. The dresses were really long (they were designed that way) and it made it quite hard for me to walk, but I love how it gave the illusion that I’m much taller than my actual height😄

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Week 25/52 : Little ducky

Last Wednesday was a holiday so Sir Taps, Dustin and I went to Nuvali to unwind. We walked around, took photos, shopped and ate. I used this opportunity to buy some white sneakers that Dustin recommended. I haven’t owned a pair of white sneakers since college and I thought it was about time I get new ones. Dustin also took us to Detoxify Bar which served organic, healthy meals and shakes. It was really nice in the cafe and they had great lighting so we snapped a few photos. I really like this one that Dustin took of me so I decided to use it in my 52-week project.

Oh, I got a haircut the other week in case you didn’t notice. I got bored with my hair and I figured it will grow back anyway so I decided to go short. It’s been a while since I had hair this short so I’m still getting used to it. I haven’t figured out how to style it properly so mostly I’ve been keeping it tied up.

INSTABITS : June 2016

Hello July! It’s rainy season now in the Philippines, but some days still feel like summer because it’s so hot.

I had lunch at Seoul Kitchen with some colleagues last month. I ordered the pork kalbi steak, which is still as good as the first time I had it.

Since classes and exams are over, my friends and I celebrated by going to Laiya. With Moy in Australia, I’ve been promoted as barkada driver. I’m not used to driving long distances so this was a big milestone for me😀

We tried looking for a new resort to visit but we somehow still ended up at Virgin Beach Resort. We really like this place because it’s beautiful and not too crowded.

Beach essentials🙂 The lifesaver belongs to Aprille and I borrowed the hat from my mom.

Ahh summer~

It rained while we were at the beach but this beautiful rainbow appeared and made everything better🙂

The wigs I ordered from eBay arrived last month. I can’t wait to use them for my self portraits.

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