Week 32/52 : Bleed

Shot this self portrait last week. I had this image in my mind for a while now, so I figured I might as well try to execute it. It didn’t turn out exactly how I pictured it, but I do like the final result.

Taking self portraits like this makes me miss my sister even more. In the past it would have been so easy to ask her for help to get this low angle shot. But since she’s thousands of miles away now, I had to resort to using a shoe box and some remote controls we had lying around. And even then I had a hard time framing the shot, about 1/3 of them had my head cut off T__T

Week 31/52 : Dusk

This is another shot that was part of my birthday shoot last month. This particular photo was taken by Camille. Brinks and I kept teasing her the whole time because she had a difficult time taking our pictures the way we wanted them, but I actually like this one she took of me. I decided to convert it to black and white so it wouldn’t be too obvious that I have three shots in this year’s 52-week project that were taken on the same day.

I had a hard time looking for a quote that would go with this photo, in the end I just gave up and used a one word title XD

Japan Day 3 : All aboard the Diamond Princess!

After spending two days exploring Japan ourselves, it was time for us to board our ship and begin our 7-day cruise. We loved our free time, but this is what we came to Japan for, so we were really excited.


Our hotel was not too far from the pier, but we had lots of bags with us so we decided to get a taxi. Our driver dropped us off at the entrance of the Osanbashi pier.


 DSC00042a (2)

There were lots of people there, just like an airport



The first thing we did was dropped our luggage off (after making sure they had the bag tags on of course)

DSC00042a (4)

Afterwards we proceeded to the check in counters. They were still closed so we had to wait for about an hour before checking in

DSC00042a (1)

Princess Cruises was celebrating its 50th year, so there was gold everywhere


After having our documents checked, we were finally allowed to board the ship


Ezra and I stayed in room C724 – which was the room number my parents had when we went on our Alaskan cruise last year

This time my parents had the room across the hall from us, and they had a balcony :D



My mom wanted a room with a balcony during our Alaskan cruise but we figured it would be too cold to stay out there anyway. At least our Japanese cruise was a bit warmer and we were able enjoy the view every now and then

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INSTABITS : September 2015

October is here, which means it’s time for my monthly Instagram dump. This is my first Instabits entry after Instagram started allowing non-square photos to be uploaded. I was wondering how they would show up here on my blog. I thought they would just keep the original dimensions but it turned out all Instagram did was add a white border around it to make it square. I suppose it saves me the extra step of having to do it myself in Photogrid, though I usually prefer black borders instead of white. It’s a good thing I use a white background on my blog now, so you can’t really tell, except it looks like there’s a lot of unnecessary spaces between some of the photos.

First post of the month was a selfie I took after I had my hair trimmed. The last time I got a haircut was July last year, which was a long time ago.

For my birthday, Dustin gave me a carnation and Sir Marvs gave me these “homemade” cookies. He said he stayed up all night baking them for me, lol.

For my birthday lunch, Amie, Dustin, Ma’am Chrys and I went to Dalcielo where I ate way too much. I could barely move by the time we were done

I passed by the Physika tambayan on my way back to the office and saw that they made this sweet greeting for me. Thanks brods and sisses!

For my birthday dinner, my family and I ate with some friends at 88 Resort.

The manager is a friend of ours and she gave me this huge complimentary halo halo for dessert.

To wrap up my birthday celebration, Brinks, Camille and I had a quick shoot around campus that weekend.(You can read more about my birthday thoughts and celebration HERE)

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Week 30/52 : What we see depends mainly on what we look for

Took this self portrait back in July but as usual I kept forgetting to post it. I saw it while organizing my files today and decided to upload it before I forget again.

The quote I chose for the title is by John Lubbock. This is why we must train ourselves to always see the positive side of things. When we allow ourselves to always search for the negative, then that’s what we’ll always find. Every situation will have a positive and negative side to it, it’s up to us to determine which one we want to stand out.

Week 29/52 : It might take a year. It might take a day. But what’s meant to be will always find a way.

A few weeks ago I had a mini-shoot with Brinks and Camille for my birthday. Brinks and I were talking about how we missed doing photoshoots, so we figured that my birthday would be a good excuse to schedule one. It was mostly us just hanging out at random locations on campus and occasionally taking pictures of each other. I’ve been having a lot of fun with my nifty-fifty, so that was the only lens I brought along with me to the shoot. Bokeh = love.

This was taken by Brinks. I love how she uses objects in the foreground to give the photo depth. She took another photo of me using the same technique, and I’m most likely going to include that in this year’s 52-week project as well.

I’m not sure where the quote I used in my title came from. I found it on Pinterest and when I tried searching for the person who said it, no results popped up. Nevertheless, I decided to use it because it’s something I need to keep in mind at the moment. I feel like I’m in such a rush to experience everything life has to offer, and oftentimes I find myself becoming extremely impatient. I need to remind myself that God has a plan for all of us, and things will happen when He believes the time is right.

Week 28/52 : Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely

I’m still 9 weeks behind on this project, gah! I have about 5 picture lined up for posting (I’ve even finished editing them), but I still keep forgetting to upload them. In fact, this photo was taken on the same day as my 27th self portrait, which was almost a month ago, and yet I only remembered to post it today.

Again this was shot using my 50mm lens. It’s been so long since I last played around with it that I forgot how much I loved bokeh. I’m definitely going to have to start using it again in the future.

The quote I chose is by Auguste Rodin. I know that everyone has experiences in their lives that they would rather forget – I do too. But I believe that every experience comes with a lesson or a nugget of wisdom, and those are the things we should remember. We shouldn’t dwell on negative experiences, but we should hold on to the things that we learned. The same goes for the people that come and go into our lives. I believe that people enter our lives for a specific purpose. Sometimes when they leave us we complain that we should never have wasted our time on them, but I believe that the reason they left is because they have fulfilled their role in our lives. I recently had to say goodbye to someone who was a very big part of my life, and although it makes me sad, I appreciate all the lessons this person taught me. I know that I would be a very different person now if I hadn’t met them, and because of that I’m thankful that I got to know them.