Ezra’s and Kurt’s Pre-wedding Photo/Video Shoot (Crosswinds Resort, Tagaytay)

Back in January, Kurt visited the Philippines so that he and Ezra could have a photo/video shoot to celebrate their upcoming wedding. Back then they didn’t have a specific date for their wedding yet,  they only knew that they were getting married this year. They also knew that it was going to be a civil wedding at a courthouse, which meant that it was going to be a very low-key and quick event. Since they couldn’t have a big, fancy wedding, they decided to have this shoot instead.  (Plus, Ezra really wanted to wear a big, fluffy white dress and this was the perfect opportunity). 

My parents made arrangements with Crosswinds Resort in Tagaytay so we could have our shoot there. Our family has stayed there twice before (blog entry HERE), and we’ve always thought that the place was beautiful. The only downside was that it was very difficult to communicate with the resort’s management (they would reply very late, give us incomplete or contradicting information, etc…) My mom was pretty stressed about it up until the morning of the shoot. Fortunately, everything worked out and we had no problems at the resort when we arrived.

Our shoot lasted for two days. We were all extremely tired by the end, but we also felt very accomplished since we managed to finish everything. Kurt was more interested in taking videos instead of photos (which is understandable since he was a film student), so I was only able to shoot in between takes. Most of my photos are of Ezra because I would ask her to pose for me while Kurt made adjustments on his camera. But weddings are mostly about the bride anyway, so I guess that’s normal.

Cyrus also took several pictures that day but I decided to only include the ones I took in this post.







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Congratulations Ezra and Kurt!

I haven’t mentioned it here on my blog yet, but my baby sister got married last week :) I’m extremely happy for the both of them, and I can’t ask for a better brother-in-law. I’ve witnessed their relationship blossom and grow stronger over the past 14 years and I’ve never seen two people more perfect for each other.

If you read my blog, you would know how close Ezra and I are. We share clothes, interests, ideas, friends and secrets. We’ve always been each other’s outlets whenever we needed someone to talk to. The most we’ve been apart was when I lived in Katipunan for my graduate studies, but even then I would always come home during the weekend. We shared a room up until I was 15 and I remember how we used to love staying up, talking to each other. Even when we finally got our own rooms, they were right next to each other, separated only by a thin piece of plywood, and we could just yell through the wall whenever we needed to talk. If it was any other guy I probably would have a hard time letting go and giving her up, but I know that Kurt would take care of her and make sure that she remains close to our family. He’s not only my sister’s husband, but he’s also one of my closest friends, and that makes things a lot easier. The three of us went to the same high-school, and he was even part of my entourage during my debut. I love how they never make me feel left out when we’re together, and how they remember to include me in their plans.

They haven’t shared that many pictures of their wedding on social media yet and I don’t want to spoil it for them by posting photos before they get the chance, so I will leave you with this (which I grabbed from Ezra’s FB page).


It was a court wedding and it only lasted about 15 minutes. Fortunately, the couple that was supposed to get married after them never showed up so we were able to stay inside the chapel for a few extra minutes and take some photos/videos. Besides, Ezra and Kurt already had an elaborate wedding shoot last January. I’m still working on the blog entry for that, but it should be up by tomorrow.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Wishing you the best on this new chapter in your life :D

New blog layout : Adelle

After two years, I decided to update my blog layout again.  I really liked my old one, but the space allotted for the actual text was way too small.  I never noticed it before when I was using my Sony Vaio laptop, but ever since I upgraded to my Dell laptop (which has a much larger screen and resolution), you can really see how much space is being wasted:


Notice how most of the screen is occupied by just my background.  The space where the blog entry actually goes is only about a quarter of the width of the screen (since I have a sidebar).

But like I said, I didn’t have that issue when I was using my old laptop.  I posted this screencap back in November 2013 when I first started using my old blog layout:

This is what my blog looked like when I was using my old laptop. The text occupied most of the screen and the background was only there to add some color to the site.

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Thailand 2014 : Ancient Siam

Last December our family went to Thailand and we scheduled a visit to The Ancient City (AKA Ancient Siam).  It’s a huge outdoor museum where they have replicas of famous landmarks around Thailand, with some of them being life-sized.  It’s popular among tourists because it’s like taking a tour of the country and learning its history without leaving Bangkok. 


Tourists have the option of bringing their own car, riding a tram or renting a golf cart to explore the place.  We decided to rent a car at our hotel and hire a driver to take us around since we weren’t familiar with the place but we still wanted to be flexible with our time and not join a tour group.  We spent the day just driving around the park and stopping at all the displays that we found interesting.  We had to skip a lot of them because otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to see the entire place.  It was that big.

Here are some pictures we took at the museum:

IMG_9411a (2)



We found a baby elephant and took pictures with him/her

IMG_9441a (3)


This was the shopping area where you could buy gifts and souvenirs to take back home


So pretty~


We found some musical instruments and played around for a bit

This was where I took my 51st self portrait last year


Of course we saw lots of replicas of Buddhist temples and prayer rooms

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VLOG : Siam Niramit and Ancient Siam

I finally got around to editing and posting this vlog from when we went to see the Siam Niramit show and visited Ancient Siam in Thailand last December.  (I already posted a vlog and blog entry from when we visited Siam Ocean Park about two weeks ago.)

I’m still working on the blog entry for our Siam Niramit and Ancient Siam adventures, but it should be up in a day or two. In the meantime here’s the video of our trip:

EDIT: Blog post is already up. You can read it HERE if you’re interested

Week 23/52 : A bright future often lies beyond the glare of present problems

Ezra helped me take this shot during our cruise last May. (I know, it’s been over a month and I’m still pulling out self portraits from that trip. But I’m 6 portraits behind so I don’t really have much of a choice.) My parents were able to get a room with a balcony and we enjoyed going out there occasionally to watch the sun set. It bothers me a bit that the railing isn’t perfectly horizontal, but I still like the shot enough to include it in my project.

I’m not sure who said the quote I used in my title. I searched online and it always comes up as “unknown”. But I do like it, I think it suits my situation at the moment.

INSTABITS : June 2015

This month’s Instabits entry is almost 2 weeks late because I didn’t realize that it was already July until a few days ago.  This happens a lot when I go on vacation.

My first post for June were these two selfies I took using Amie’s phone.  (I like stealing my friends’s phones and spamming them with pictures of my face.)  You might notice that my hair looks a little lighter here compared to how it did the previous month.  That’s because I dyed it brown a few days earlier.  Unfortunately, because I dyed my hair black last year, the brown dye only showed up on the fresh hair near my scalp.  (I didn’t know black dye was so hard to get rid of.)  I ended up with some sort of reverse ombre style, which I didn’t like at all.  I tried to make the best of it, but I couldn’t stand how I looked so I switched back to black again two weeks later.

Since Ezra didn’t have anything to do at home and she wanted to escape the heat, she would usually tag along with me to the office.  Sometimes I would ask her to help me out with some tasks – such as shredding my old documents (which she enjoyed a lot)

When Ezra gets bored, I let her play with my hair (which I enjoy because it’s like getting a head massage).  She came up with a bunch of interesting hairstyles for me that week.

She likes putting these Pucca buns on me.  Normally I wouldn’t let her because I’d be worried that my students might walk in and think I’m crazy, but since finals week was over there weren’t a lot of students left on campus.

But a student did walk in to ask about her grade while I looked like this, eek

Some of my officemates came over last month for a quick baking session to help us unwind after the deadline of submission of grades.

This is my new favorite drink.  I asked the girl at the counter to recommend something without caffeine and this is what she suggested. I’m glad I listened to her.

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