Week 2/52 : The poetry of earth is never dead

Posting this a little later than I planned. This was taken last Sunday during my Masungi Georeserve adventure (blog entry to follow). I’ve wanted to go here ever since I saw some friends post pictures of the place. It’s beautiful and the obstacles on the trail looked like a lot of fun. So when Brinks invited me to go with her around mid-December and I immediately said yes. It usually takes months to get a reservation so I knew I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by.

If you know me, you’d know that I’ve been an indoor person my whole life. I used to be able to go several days without leaving the house (provided that I have a decent internet connection, a good book or some video games to play). But last year I decided I needed to start living more, so I’ve started to push myself to do things I would have never done in the past. I’ve been going out more and trying new things – and it’s been great! I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me next 🙂

Thanks so much kup for the invite and for the “buwis buhay” (ko, at ng phone mo :p) shot.

(Quote is from John Keats’ poem – On the Grasshopper and Cricket)

INSTABITS : December 2016

HAPPY 2017 everyone! Here’s my final Instagram dump for 2016. As promised, this entry consists of more people and less food. (But that doesn’t mean I ate less last month – in fact I pigged out quite a bit over the holidays)

Warning : December was packed with activities so this entry is pretty long

As you may know, I’m a HUGE Final Fantasy fan (this blog’s URL should be a giveaway – it’s the name of Selphie’s final weapon in FF8), so I was pretty excited when FF15 came out. I asked Brinks to get me a copy and I spent the first weekend of December holed up in my room exploring Eos with Noctis and the gang. (In fact, most of December’s free time went into this game.)

December marked the end of the first semester, which meant lots of work for us teachers. Dustin and I rewarded ourselves with pizza and milk tea after an entire day of checking.

Since I had some free time, I decided I would bake a few things for upcoming Christmas parties. Dustin came over to help out so of course we ended up baking matcha goodies.

We made white chocolate chip matcha cookies for the first time and surprisingly they turned out alright. I would have preferred them sweeter, but  the people who ate them thought they were fine the way they were.

Dustin, Jason and I went to SM Calamba one evening and had dessert at Krispy Kreme! We tried their holiday donuts. They were good but I still prefer the original glazed.

After two months in Japan, Amie’s back, yaaaaay~

My parents love having my friends over so, just like last year, they threw a Christmas party for them.

My mom and I bought these antler headbands to get us all in a festive mood during the party. Nine of us for the nine reindeer in the song – Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph 😀

(I started using Boomerang last month :p)

Of course we had a gift exchange during the party 😀 Thanks everyone!

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Week 1/52 : Rainbow of possibilities

ROUND NINE! I can’t believe I decided to do this for another year, especially with how consistently late I was last year. This year’s project isn’t off to a good start either – it’s only the first month of 2017 and I’m already a week behind. But I’ve done this for so long that I can’t imagine not doing the 52-week project.

2016 was an incredible year for me. I learned so many new things, had amazing new experiences and met a bunch of inspiring people. It taught me to chase after my dreams and showed me that I can do a lot of things that I never thought was possible. I’m praying that 2017 will be just as amazing and fulfilling. It’s off to a great start so far – only a week in and I’ve already checked an item off my bucket list, which is to run a 10k. The fact that I was able to do it at the Color Manila Run makes it even more special because I’ve wanted to participate in that event ever since I first heard about it. Obviously this photo was taken during the race, which was yesterday. I had a great time and I can’t believe that I survived my first 10k. I was so nervous the days leading up to the event because I’ve never ran that far before, but now that it’s over I can’t help but laugh about how silly I was for losing sleep over something so simple :p

Thanks Dustin for the photo (and for encouraging me to join Color Manila Run 2017). Sa uulitin! 😀

Week 52/52: If you never try, you’ll never know

Ta-dah! I made it! Another buzzer beater before 2016 ends 🙂 I actually had this photo ready for about two weeks now. It was taken by Jason right after our office Christmas party. I really like it so I decided I would make it my last self portrait for the year. For some reason it gives me the feeling of hope, which is exactly what I want for the upcoming year.

I know that a lot of people have said that 2016 was a terrible year, but personally it was one of the most amazing and memorable years of my life. We had our share of unfortunate events (we lost two members of our family during the first quarter of 2016), but we were also showered with plenty of blessings. This was the year that I forced myself to be more adventurous and experience new things, and I have so much to show because of it. I learned so much about myself these past few months and I believe I’ve grown a lot as a person. I also met some amazing people this year, and for that I’m very grateful. 2016 – you had your ups and downs, but overall I am a better person because of you and for that I thank you.

Week 51/52 : Watchful eyes

My parents and I went to the Art in Paradise museum here in Bangkok yesterday. We had a blast posing for photos, which meant I had a hard time deciding on which one to include as part of my self portrait. In the end I went with this shot. Of course you can expect to see the rest of the photos here on my blog, but probably not for another year the way things are going 😄

One day left and one portrait to go. I can do this!