Week 43/52 : Silver skies

I’m still having a lot of fun with my nifty fifty. I didn’t realize I missed this lens so much. The only problem I have is getting the focus right. In this photo I think the camera focused on my hands so my eyes aren’t that sharp, but I still like the shot so I decided to post it anyway.

The weather has been pretty cold lately, which was the inspiration behind this. Of course, it’s still a tropical country so it’s definitely nowhere near cold enough to need to wear a jacket this thick, but I just thought it would be fun. The last time I wore this was back in 2011 I think. It’s been hibernating in my closet since then. I wonder when I’ll be able to wear it out again.

Week 42/52 : I found myself dreaming in silver and gold

I couldn’t come up with an idea for a self portrait so I decided to just go the simple route and shoot something with my 50mm. I was planning on doing a photomanipulation but the weather these past few days has gotten me so lazy. I figured the best solution would be to just shoot a picture of me lying down :p I really like how this turned out, and it was pretty easy to shoot once I got the focus right. Editing was a breeze too – mostly just tone adjustments and removing blemishes on my face.

(Title are from the lyrics of¬†“Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend)

Week 41/52 : If nothing is true, what more can I do? I am still painting flowers for you…

I’ve been having a hard time coming up with ideas for my self portraits these days. I saw that this flower fell off one of the flower crowns I bought earlier this year and figured I would use it for a photo. Not really sure what the concept is behind this shot but I like the lighting and how I look in it so that’s good enough for meūüėĄ

After all these years I still love my 50mm lens because of the bokeh. It can make a simple portrait look magicalūüėĄ

(Quote in the title is from All Time Low’s song called Painting Flowers)

Week 40/52 : Keep calm and hug a panda

I bought this adorable panda hoodie at the Animax Carnival last October. It was my first time attending a cosplay event without my sister. We’ve been attending conventions together since 2007. Ever since she moved to California I haven’t gone to one here in the Philippines, though she’s been to plenty over there since Kurt does cosplay videography (you can watch his videos HERE). I haven’t really found anyone else to go with to these sort of events so I’ve just been skipping them. But recently I was introduced to a new friend who enjoys going to these events as much as I do and he invited me to go with himūüôā

Dumaguete, Philippines

I mentioned in my last Instabits that I went to Dumaguete to attend a Physics conference with some colleagues and students.¬†We took lots of photos and I didn’t want to spam my Instagram friends so I figured I would just¬†share them here on my blogūüôā


We left Manila on October 19 since the conference started on October 20




We made reservations to stay at a dorm in Silliman University. We got a bit lost on the way there but eventually we made it.


Their dorms were nice and airconditioned (and we had our own bathrooms), but our room had a severe ant problem. They got into all our things and bit me when I slept. The other rooms seemed fine though.

After getting settled in we decided to explore the town a bit. We grabbed some lunch and decided to go to the Sans Rival Cafe in Robinsons


20161019_133629The famous Dumaguete silvanas


and sans rival


Thanks for the treat Sir Emman!

After this we walked around the city for a bit



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INSTABITS : October 2016

Hello November! I can’t believe we’ve only got 7 weeks left until the end of the year. October was another eventful month, packed with activities¬†so once again this entry’s pretty¬†long.

I found some China Glaze nail polish at ATC. These normally cost around 350-400 PHP but they were on sale for 99PHP so I instantly grabbed four of them. I also picked up a Wet n Wild matte top coat which I’ve been loving.

(Grabbed this from Dustin’s Twitter account) This was taken last month, the night before my birthday. I was craving pizza so I made Dustin rush over to LB from San Pablo at 9 in the evening so we could grab some Yellowcab at Calamba with AmieūüėĄ

National Teacher’s Day was on October 5. I was pleasantly surprised to find this cute paper tulip on my desk from Ella¬†‚̧

Camille and I had lunch one day at Seoul Kitchen. I ordered my usual cheese rappoki (which we shared) and chicken mayo.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier to lose some of the weight I put on during our cruise last July (and September), but ice cream has always been my weakness T__T

Earlier this month, Amie left for Hokkaido to attend a 2-month internship program. We had a despedida lunch at Bonitos with Rona and Jason. (Jason left before we remembered to take selfies XD)

Mochi¬†celebrated his first birthday this month. (I can’t remember the exact day¬†but¬†I know it’s around October 10). He’s gotten so big and so fat over this past year.¬†I tried to give him a banana for his birthday treat but he only knows how to eat kang¬†kong.

Animax Carnival was held on October 15-16 and Marco invited me to go with him. It’s been over two years since I attended a cosplay event here in the Philippines so I’m glad I was able to go again. I was even able to see¬†Jin Joson give a talk on cosplay makeup.

Before her talk ended she told us selfies were welcome if we run into her during the event so of course I jumped at the opportunity as soon as she left the stage¬†‚̧

I spotted these egg waffles at SM MOA. They looked cute but once you finish the ice cream there wasn’t really anything special about them. (Looks great on Instagram though XD)

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Week 39/52 : A smile is a light in the window of the soul indicating that the heart is at home

This was taken by Brinks during our cruise to Okinawa last September. We visited Shuri castle and found these nice windows so we took a few pictures. It was actually shot on the same day as my 32nd self portrait. We took a lot of nice photos that day so I had a hard time choosing what to include in this year’s project. I tried to pick just one but it was extremely difficult so I allowed myself to choose two. I decided to make this black and white so it wouldn’t be too obvious that I’m wearing the same things :p

(Quote in the title is by Christian D. Larson)