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Thailand 2014 : Siam Ocean World

As usual, this entry is going up pretty late.  These pictures were taken when our family went to Bangkok for the holidays last December.  Just like in 2013, we chose to fly on Christmas Day because plane tickets are cheaper for some reason.


This time Amie came with us, yaaaaay!

We spotted these pretty flowers at the airport and stopped to take pictures

Our parents booked the same hotel we stayed at last year

It was Christmas day, so of course there was a huge tree in the hotel lobby


View from our room

IMG_9069a (3)

The next day we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the buffet room.  We walked around a bit after eating, and stopped by the koi pond to see the fish

IMG_9069a (4)

We also took some pictures by the pool area
IMG_9069a (5)


Afterwards, we went to Siam Paragon to explore Ocean World since we weren’t able to do that last year

First we said hi to the Harrods bears


Then we headed to the aquarium entranceIMG_9115 (1)

They were having some sort of penguin exhibit that day

IMG_9117a (3)

IMG_9117a (1)

Ezra found Nemo!

The exhibits outside the aquarium were the same as last year’s, but they were covered in snow this year

IMG_9117a (14)


Amie was bitten by a fish

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VLOG : Siam Ocean World

Our family went to Siam Ocean World last December, and Ezra and I were able to take some footage while we were there. I finally found some free time to look through them and edit this vlog.

Our favorite part was seeing the sharks being fed, I never knew they could be that affectionate.

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My Diamond Princess Experience

Our family went on a cruise around Japan and Korea last month, and it was so amazing that I had to make an entry about it right away. I’ll be posting detailed entries about each day we spent there, but this is just a quick summary of our experience on the ship.  I did something similar for when we went on the Golden Princess last year (read blog entry HERE).  We had such a magical time back then that my parents immediately booked another cruise with them again last October.  Unfortunately, Ezra and I couldn’t come with them because of classes, so they booked another one this May for the entire family.  Both the Golden Princess and Diamond Princess are owned by Princess Cruises, so there were a lot of similarities between the two.

Our cruise started in Yokohama, at the Osanbashi Pier


IMG_3855a (2)


Ezra and I were so excited to be going on another Princess Cruise.  This year, Princess is celebrating its 50th anniversary, yay!

IMG_3855a (1)

Since we already had our luggage tags prepared, we just headed over to the luggage drop off counter and left our bags there.  After this we sat down and waited for the ship to start boarding.


Bags at the pier waiting to be delivered to the guests’ rooms


Ezra and I were assigned to stateroom C724, which was the room my parents had when we went on our Alaskan Cruise – though that was a different ship of course.  But still, we thought it was a funny coincidence.

IMG_3860a (4)

Our room looked pretty much identical to the one we had last year.

Since this was our second cruise with them, Princess upgraded us to gold card status :)

IMG_5908 copy

(The blue card at the bottom is from last year’s cruise)

IMG_3860b (1)

We also found this “Welcome Back” card in our room

IMG_3860a (3)

Aren’t they sweet?  Since we are now repeat passengers, we were invited to the Captain’s Circle Membership Event

IMG_3860b (2)


It’s a simple event with cocktails and a raffle draw.  The ship’s captain thanked everyone for choosing Princess Cruises again.  They also gave recognition to people on board that have spent the most days with them.  The winning couple spent over 1000 days at sea already!  I can’t imagine how they did that.  That’s over 3 years of cruising!  So far Ezra and I have a total of 15 days with Princess.  We’ve got a looooong way to go.

This year, my parents got a room with a balcony, so we hung out there a few times during our stay

IMG_3860a (5)

This trip was meant to celebrate my parent’s 31st wedding anniversary, as well as Ezra’s birthday.  When you book your cruise, they ask you if there are any special events they should be aware of, so they can prepare a special gift for you.  You can specify the date you want that event celebrated, in case you are celebrating late or early.  In our case, my parents chose to celebrate their anniversary 4 days late, and Ezra celebrated her birthday exactly 1 month later.


The wonderful crew at the Sta. Fe dining hall presented my parents with a cake on their “anniversary”


And gave them this card

Ezra also received a card in our room on the morning of her “birthday”



As well as a cake and birthday song during dinner (again from the Sta. Fe crew)

The staff also decorates your stateroom door with balloons on your special day.  This is what ours looked like since my parents’s room and our room were facing each other:

(Ezra and I decided to wear matching dresses for her “birthday”)

Our cruise consisted of 4 shore excursions and 2 sea days.  We maximized our sea days (as well as our nights on the ship) by participating in various events and watching shows at the Atrium or Princess Theater.

IMG_3860a (1)

On our first sea day, the ship organized a $1000 treasure hunt.  To participate, you had to go to different areas of the ship and have your card stamped before dropping it off at the Atrium for a chance to win.

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INSTABITS : May 2015

May was an extremely busy and eventful month for me.  Besides having loads of things to do at work because of the end of the semester, I also struggled through some very personal issues.  This month made me realize how important it is to have people who will be there for you to support you and believe in you.

During the past years, May would be the time when we would go on vacation because of the summer break, but due to the shift in academic calendar, classes and exams are still ongoing.  However, we didn’t let that stop us from going out occasionally and enjoying the sun.

I kicked the month off with a trip to Laiya with Ma’am Chrys, Sir Marvs and Dustin. (No blog entry yet, but you can watch the video I made HERE.)

We didn’t have resort reservations so we hopped around until we found one that could accommodate us.  We ended up at the Virgin Beach Resort (which was also where my friends and I went to back in 2013)

Needless to say we took lots of pictures during our outing

We learned that overnight guests can use the resort’s kayaks for free, yay!

Back at the office, Sir Taps, Dustin and I somehow found ourselves all wearing blue on the same day

This month my mom received an award for being an Outstanding San Pableño.  Yay!  We’re proud of you Mama!

The Physics Fair was also held this month.  Here’s a class picture with my C5L and EF6L students during the event.  It was extremely hot that day, but our students seemed to enjoy the games.

My EF6L class rented this pedicab for their game

(Grabbed this from Dustin’s IG.) After the students were briefed and the field was set up, I spent the rest of the time hiding in the shade with Dustin and Sir Taps.

Here’s an old photo of my mom and me which I posted for Mother’s Day.

My parents celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary this month, so I shared this old photo of them in their first apartment.

An LBC delivery man walked in my office one day with this huge box from Proctor and Gamble. It contained a flat iron, an epilator, an ionic brush and about a year’s supply of razors and razor heads.  I haven’t talked about it here on my blog, but earlier this year I was informed that someone stole a photo I took and entered it into a contest. The person who submitted it ended up winning first place with an amazing prize of a vacation worth 5000 Euros. I alerted the organizers (Gillette Venus UK) of the fraud and they eventually sorted it out. They sent me this for my troubles. (You can see the Facebook thread HERE)

To celebrate my parents’ 31st wedding anniversary, our family went on a cruise around Japan and Korea.  We arrived in Japan two days before our cruise started because we wanted time to explore Tokyo by ourselves.

We took a train from our hotel to Akihabara, where I found Summoners War, yay! (Since I wasn’t sure if I would have internet in Japan, I asked Raffy to babysit my account for me while I was gone XD  Thanks Wapeh!)

We also stopped by Shibuya to say hello to Hachiko :)

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VLOG : Boracay fun with the family

Here’s another video I made of our trip to Boracay.  Unlike the previous two videos I posted, this one consists of footage of us actually playing around and having fun at the beach.  We swam, went snorkeling and rented a paddleboard. We were extremely sunburned by the end of our trip, but it was all worth it :)

This is my first time making this kind of video. I’m not sure what to call it, it’s sort a music video type of vlog. Normally I take the footage we took, place a music background and add subtitles to our conversation.  I thought this kind of video would be harder to make, but it’s actually much simpler because you don’t have to adjust the audio levels as much. (And adding subtitles can be a pain sometimes.)  For this video the hardest part was filtering out the footage to get the more “artistic” and dynamic ones, but after that it’s all really simple.  (Unless I do it the way Kurt does, where he actually chooses each individual clip to match certain parts of the song – that would make it so much more complicated.)

Hope you guys enjoy watching!


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VLOGS : Off to Boracay!

I’ve been slacking off on blogging again lately.  There have been too many things on my mind this past month.  But now that I’m starting to adjust to the changes that have been made, I figured it was time to revive this blog (and my 52-week project).

To kick things off, here are two videos I made of our trip to Boracay last summer.  It’s almost been a year since then but I wanted to get all our US2014 blog entries out of the way first, which is why it took so long.  The videos below mostly show vlog footage of us heading to Boracay from Manila.  It doesn’t really contain that many beach activities yet – I decided to compile those into a separate video.

This first one is the shorter version, which mostly shows the highlights of our day:

And this second one is basically the same thing except it’s much longer because I didn’t cut the footage as much.  I actually made this for family viewing, but decided to share it here on my blog as well:

It’s a little hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since this trip because it still seems so fresh in my mind.  But at the same time, so many things have happened since then.  I’m glad that Ezra and I have decided to start vlogging our trips now. This way we’ll always be able to look back on them in the future and remember all the happy times :)

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Burning sand and freezing water! (Zuma and Playa Del Rey beach)

This entry’s almost a year late, but I suppose it’s alright since I’ve been seeing loads of pictures of my friends at the beach lately.  Our summer break doesn’t start until June, and by then the rainy season will be here.  I’m hoping that my friends and I will be able to schedule a trip to beach before that happens, but if that doesn’t push through then at least I have these photos from last year XD

Kurt took us to two different beaches during our California trip last summer.  Our first one was Zuma Beach in Malibu.


 We spent the night at W Hotel in Hollywood because Kurt won a free night stay there from his company’s Christmas party



 Such a “California” photo – convertibles and selfies


On the way to the beach we saw lots of houses up on the mountains


I joked that these were all Tony Stark’s houses (because it looks a lot like the area where he lives  in the movies).  Kurt pointed out that he lives in Malibu so it’s not such a crazy thought


We got there pretty early so there were still lots of parking spaces along the side of the roadIMG_0208


We expected it to be warm at the beach, but it was actually quite cold.  Ezra didn’t want to take off her jacket and sarong.


Kurt wanted some “idol DVD” footage, unfortunately he was stuck with us as models, so it didn’t have quite the same feel XD


Still, he had a lot of fun shooting Ezra running around the beach



I was excited to go swimming and get some underwater footage with the GoPro, but the water was too cold.  I tried going in up to where the water reached my knees but I lost circulation in my toes.  (It’s the same feeling I get in my hands when I hold a piece of ice for too long.)  There was no way we were going to be able to swim at that temperature so we ended up just playing on the shore.


We took turns burying each other in the sand

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