Week 11/52 : Leading lines

This was taken at the National Monument in Kuala Lumpur during our visit there last month. It was actually taken on the same day (using the same wall) as my 9th self portrait, but I tweaked the colors a bit so it wouldn’t be too obvious.

I’m 7 weeks behind on my self portraits. We’ve got a 4-day weekend coming up so hopefully I’ll be able to take a few photos and catch up.

Thanks Dustin for this photo!

Penang, Malaysia (ICKEM 2017)

Earlier this month some colleagues and I went to Malaysia to attend the 7th International Conference on Key Engineering Materials (ICKEM 2017). It’s the same one we attended last year in Hong Kong. This year the conference was held at the Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang.

Since there was no direct flight to Penang, we had to travel through KL. We didn’t want to arrive too late so we ended up having to leave Manila at 6:30am, which meant that we left our houses at around 2am. Hooray for 45 minutes of sleep.

But we were pretty excited and we were able to nap on the flight so we had plenty of energy once we arrived

IMG_1338 (1)

With the crew 😀

We booked a condo unit through Airbnb, which was on the 27th floor. This was our view:



IMG_1338 (2)

Admiring the sights :p


So high up!

The unit had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This was Dustin’s and my room:



The common area

After resting for a bit and unpacking our bags we decided to head out and explore


We ended up taking an Uber to Queensbay Mall since there was nothing much to see around us. We were happy to discover that there was a food court so we decided to have our dinner there:

IMG_1343a (2)


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Week 9/52 : You are confined only by the walls you build yourself

This was another portrait Dustin took of me during our trip to Malaysia. We signed up for a short tour around Kuala Lumpur and one of our stops was the National Monument. We found this interesting wall there and decided to take a few photos. I’m so glad Dustin convinced me to bring my camera and 50mm lens on this trip. Originally I planned on just using my phone to take photos because I didn’t want to lug around a heavy camera, but he offered to carry it for me if I bring it 😀

The quote I chose for this photo was by Andrew Murphy. I like it because in a way it describes my entire Malaysia experience. Believe it or not, this is my first trip out of the country without my parents. Hard to believe that at my age I’ve never traveled without them (at least outside the Philippines), but it’s true. So despite all my travel experience, I was still a little nervous about this trip. It was definitely a learning experience and I discovered that I shouldn’t worry so much because I can be a pretty reliable person when the situation calls for it :p My parents have trained me well. Thanks Ma and Da!

Week 8/52 : Georgetown

Last week some colleagues and I went to Malaysia to attend a conference. The event was held in Penang so we grabbed the chance to do a bit of sightseeing while we were there. We decided to rent bikes and explore Georgetown (of course I chose a pink bike). It was extremely hot and we all were pretty sunburned by the end of the day, but it was worth it. We took loads of photos of course, this being one of them.

Thanks Dustin for the shot!

Birthday shoot at Forestry

I just realized that I never shared the rest of the photos from my birthday shoot here on my blog. I used one of them for my 29th self portrait last year, but I never made a separate entry to show you guys the rest of the photos.

These were taken by Dustin and Jason. My birthday was coming up and they decided to have a little shoot for me to celebrate (and also so I would have a nice photo of me to post on my special day XD).







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Week 7/52 : Phalaenopsis

This was another photo that my sister took of me during our cruise around Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (blog entry to follow). This photo was taken the day before we boarded our cruise ship. We flew to Singapore a day earlier so we would have time to drop by the Gardens by the Bay. We decided to go inside the Cloud Forest where they had all sorts of beautiful plants and flowers. Ezra and I found this wall of Phalaenopsis orchids (AKA “moth orchids”) so I asked her to take a couple of photos of me for my 52-week project 🙂