I can haz piggy rabbit? (My ToyCon haul)

Ever since I saw Hwang Tae Kyung make a pig rabbit for Go Mi Nam in the K-drama “You’re Beautiful” I’ve been looking for ways on how to get one for myself.

Go Mi Nam with her pig rabbit

I found some being sold at Yesasia.com, but they cost $50 (~PHP2320) each plus shipping – I wasn’t willing to spend that much on a plushie.  I tried looking for local sellers and found one on Multiply that was selling it for PHP1800 (shipping not included).  It was about PHP500 cheaper, but still too expensive for me.

Anyway, Toycon 2010 was today (blog entry to follow), and of course Ezra and I had to check out the JE booth.  I was browsing through the magazines they had on sale when Ezra pointed out the pig rabbit plushie they had on display.  The guy at the booth told me it costs PHP1700.  I wished it was cheaper but at least there was no shipping fee.  The guy told me that they still had 5 pieces left, so I said I would think about it and come back if I decide to buy it.

By that evening, I had already made up my mind not to buy the pig rabbit, until saw a girl carrying one as she walked around the mall.  Ckloy must have seen the way I looked at the plushie, so he offered to pay for half of it!  Yaaaaaay~

When we went back to the booth, we saw that there were only two pieces left, and that they lowered the price to PHP1650 because it was the last day of the convention and it was getting late.  Lucky~

Thanks for my pig rabbit Ckloy! Mwaaaaaah~

Anyway, here are some other stuff I bought there:

Another camera necklace to add to my collection.  I love the mini-charms hanging at the bottom

And two new pairs of earrings:

Ckloy also gave me this giant lollipop as a reward for driving on the SLEX for the first time 🙂

(Yamapi on my laptop, weeee~  Re-watching Proposal Daisakusen for the 4th time)

It says “Congratulations on your EXPRESS ADVENTURE”

Thanks baby!  I love you!!


4 thoughts on “I can haz piggy rabbit? (My ToyCon haul)

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  3. Omg … here where I live .. I can never have a pigrabbit .. I found that drama coincidently .. I saw it from a year .. and I remember every scene on it .. I saw a dream yesterday about go mi nam .. that’s why I wrote go mi nam on google and I got your page

    • I didn’t think I’d be able to find a pig rabbit either here in the Philippines. I thought that I’d have to order it online to get it 😀
      I love the drama too. I’ve seen it 3 times from start to finish, haha.
      Thanks for dropping by my page 😀

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